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Inspired by the Costa Concordia Disaster, the Ghost defines the horizon between life and death, chaos and harmony, emotion and blandness. The lighthouse will be erected on the spot where the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship sank to become not only a lighthouse but also a memorial. The lighthouse will be constructed by 32 structures that upraise into the sky in a twisting motion; representing the 32 life that were lost beneath the ocean ascending into the heaven. 

From atop, an immediate streak of light descends down like a neuron impulse passing through the platform and down into the sea. The burst of light fall and darkness follows, as all light dies the lighthouse is now in a state of recapturing the ‘blackout’ moment that took place on the Cruise. The emotions and feelings that have been experienced by the passenger on that frightful night are now rendered upon the lighthouse. When all seems lost, the flexible structures that spread out into the sea reignite at the end of the buoyant which afloat on the sea; softly sparkling up the sea forming a light path giving an expression of the 32 lost souls as the guardian of the sea providing coordination through their glow to Giglio Port.


​During the day, the 32 translucent structures stand tall on the deep water with its skeletal frame. Refracting light and views of all angles, embracing the surrounding beauty and took it as its own skin. The scale of the lighthouse alone gives the presence of importance, as the translucent structures capture light from above and form harmonious warmth through the chaotic form. Majestically as it stands, it coordinates and orientates not only ships but also air transportation. 

Giglio Island, Italy


may 2015

g h o s t

costa concordia memorial lighthouse

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