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The proposed programme is a Homeless Assisting & Nurturing Shelter. It functions primarily to help get the homeless people get back on their feet in society by providing a job opportunity and at the same time bridging the gap between the high end users and the homeless society.

The programme comes with farming and a high end market based restaurant. The homeless will be taught on farming techniques and all crops go directly to the market and restaurant to be consumed. However, the main programme of the shelter revolves around the idea of food distribution. Distribution of food to the homeless will take place within the shelter itself and at the same time along the Gombak River through a proposal of distribution via water taxi.


The programme can be seen as a welcoming gesture to attract homeless which are from Sentul area itself and Kuala Lumpur city centre into the vicinity. Hence, reducing the number of “homelessness” image in the city as the existing LRT track leads all the way to southern region where the hearth of Kuala Lumpur sits.

Sentul East, Kuala Lumpur MY


jul - sep 2014

h o p e

homeless assisting & nurturing shelter

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