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A structure that divides the SIAL Sound Lab as a physical divider and sound barrier in order to provide staffs a working space while classes are running. Focusing on digital fabrication on a specific material - Echopanel to develop an installation that investigates the possibilities of acoustic attenuation in space. Okta concept derives from the structure of coral plants integrating the play of soft and hard.

Modules of same shape are made and interlocked alternatively into a cuboctahedron geometry forming a building block which can be stacked. This building block allows for a range of controlled growth in 3 axis; horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The idea of soft and hard material were introduced into the design. A soft material - Mura was used to act as a sound attenuation and at the same time develop the porosity of the wall structure. Folding and weaving techniques were explored to ensure that the Mura “speak” the same language as the structure. Each module will be mounted with Mura to maximise the sound attenuation capability.

With the use of parametric design software, a few variation of wall design have been generated and developed. The final design is tied upon maximising the ability of the wall to attenuate acoustic and at the same time allow for flexible flow of human between the two spaces.

SIAL Sound Lab, RMIT, Melbourne AU


jul - aug 2016

in partner with Wooven Image

o k t a

structural orchestra v.2

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