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UMI is a compostable organic packaging for sushi retailers aimed to address the issue of single use plastic waste in the ocean.

Concerned about the implications of using so much plastic, UMI is made from biodegradable material- algae and question the role of packaging. As Australians are opting for healthier fast food cuisines such as sushi, UMI is designed to be on-the-go and environmental friendly. Because it is a fully organic material, it is compostable and is integrated with City of Melbourne Waste & Resource Strategy 2030 on the “FOGO” system that collects food organics and garden organics in a single bin. Because of the natural property of algae, the packaging acts as compost activator once disposed in the organic waste bin, speeding up the breakdown of waste into fertilizers.

UMI is a result of material innovation, traditional sushi packaging and digital integration of patterns into package design.

City of Melbourne, Melbourne AU


feb - jun 2018

u m i .

biodegradable food packaging solution

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