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Scroll. Select. Buy. Download. Print.

A series of cold, shiny, slender screens dotted around  the urbanscape where digital blueprints are sold.

For a moment, as the almighty consumer makes her selection  from a long catalogue of choices, the entire world revolves around her. She experiences a surge of power as she swipes her finger on a line of virtual shelves of stores, ready to  slip any digital blueprint into her shopping carts through the Black Window.

Armed with 3D printing technology; with a single touch on the screen, these shopping portals are ready to print, fabricate and materialise any piece of products added to her shopping queue. 

Creating Mesh...100%
Adding Texture... 100%
Rendering Flavor...78%

As she waits for her snack to be printed on the spot, she hooks up her newly purchased blueprints to her cloud-connected home printer. She felt a sense 
of control as she home-print only when needed. This buying process creates almost no waste, fulfilling her desire for a sustainable consumption and enhanced productivity with her preference for a seamless window shopping experience.



apr 2019

w i n d o w

a walk through digital mall

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